Everywhere on our site and in our catalogues you can read the word "better". But what exactly makes the VANTourer so unmistakably better than other camper vans? On this page we would like to explain exactly that. And we are sure that after a glance at this page you will also find the VANTourer "comparably better".



  • The additional air vent behind the driver's seat in the VANTourer heats the driver's cab optimally not only during the journey.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Isolierung

    The cold bridge optimized insulation guarantees a perfect climate, wherever you are.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Heizung und Klimatisierung

    A real storage space saver and foot warmer - the Truma central heating system has, in addition to the larger storage space


No worries about getting a new gas cylinder, no unwieldy installation of the 11 kg giants. Drive with the knowledge that you can fill up your Truma diesel heater at any filling station at any time of day or night. What's more, the very quiet heater is centrally located where the heat is needed: under the dinette in the living room. Hot air vents in the living room, bedroom and rear area bring the heat exactly where it is needed.

  • Loudspeaker in the rear

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Komfort

    Entry step with electric extension function

  • You can turn your bed into a couch-to-go in just a few easy steps. Each model offers you the possibility to turn the comfortable bed into an even more inviting lawn! The lounge function makes it possible.

  • You just slept in the comfortable bed of the VANTourer camper van ...

  • ... and already you get a new perspective with the practical lounge function of the VANTourer beds

  • Fly screens - no chance for insects

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Komfort

    Modern, secure window locking

  • Piezo ignition kitchen stove

  • Dimmable LED light strip

  • Fog lights, painted bumpers, LED daytime running lights, spoiler lip

  • Steering wheel and gear knob in leather, instrument panel with chrome rings, steering wheel remote control

  • The on-board electronics always at hand

  • Easily accessible fresh water tank

  • USB port in the rear and on the seating group




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  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Heckstauraum für Rad

    Bicycles do not have to stay outside in the VANTourer.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Flexibilität

    The new large rear storage space also offers plenty of room for bulky everyday items - a real all-rounder.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Flexibilität

    Only one handle is needed to fold up one of the bed parts - so even a bicycle has room in the rear.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Flexibilität

    Quickly & easily turn the beds into a couch - thanks to the lounge function.

  • The VANTourer impresses with the Variobath, which is integrated as standard in all four models.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Flexibilität

    Sleep like kings - thanks to the innovative pop-up roof with 2 additional persons (optional).


Van professionals know the situation: the bike is stowed away on the bike carrier, but while driving it rains, the mud splashes, the bike is completely dirty without a protective cover - to set off on a bike tour with the first rays of sunshine right away is difficult, annoying to fix the bikes on the bike carriers at the rear door. But even the thought of bicycle thieves can bring restless nights, if the bike has to stay outside. With the new VANTourer you can cheat the weather and your fingers and store up to two bicycles in the vehicle (depending on the floor plan).




  • Low center of gravity for greater driving stability.

  • The fresh water tank is heated.

  • Everything used to be better? Not at all! The gas bottle and water tank took up so much space that it was hardly possible to carry bulky objects.

  • But the VANTourer has the solution: The fresh water tank is now located under the vehicle. Thanks to the compact Truma central heating system, only a 3 kg gas bottle is now carried instead of the 11 kg one, which is only needed for cooking.

  • The angled tank prevents touching down on the mountain.


Yes, you saw right: The fresh water tank is now under the vehicle. This not only saves space, but also gives the already very agile VANTourer an extra portion of driving stability. 

The 100-litre fresh water tank is protected against environmental influences with a special jacket and heated for driving in cold temperatures. Of course, this also applies to the pipes that run protected under the vehicle. 

In addition, the fresh water tank is slanted at the rear, which prevents it from touching down when maneuvering on slopes. 

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Raumwunder

    In other panel vans, the large lateral rear stowage boxes extend far into the loading area, leaving little space for loading. A waste of space!

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Raumwunder

    The storage boxes in the VANTourer are significantly narrower and the rear loading area has been enlarged by up to 40%, depending on the layout. Even bicycles fit crossways into the VANTourer.

  • The wall pocket in the VANTourer offers additional storage space.

  • Sockets where you need them

  • Additional storage space is also easily accessible in the wall units with a modern look.

  • With VANTourer, your bike does not have to ride outside. One hand movement and your bike is dry!

  • Smart! Thanks to the new latching hinge at the foot end, you can fold the bed up and latch it in place


  • The LED daytime running light provides the necessary visibility in every situation.

  • Fly screens - no chance for insects

  • Rely on a comprehensive safety package*

  • [Translate to Englisch:] VANTourer Fensterverschluss

    The windows in the VANTourer can be opened very easily - and locked just as quickly! For pleasant ventilation and a safe feeling.