On all our pages and in our catalogue you can read the word „better“. But what exactly makes the VANTourer unmistakably better than other vans? On this page we want to give you the exact answer. And we are confident: After one look on this page the VANTourer will strike you as „noticeably better“ as well.


Storage space before

Was everything better in the good old days? Not at all! The gas cylinder and water tank used to take up so much space that it was nigh-on impossible to take anything bulky with you.

Expanded design

The solution: The fresh water tank is now located beneath the vehicle. Thanks to the Truma central heating system now you only need a 3 kg gas cylinder instead of 11 kg.

The large lateral rear storage boxes used to jut far out into the loading area, meaning there was little space available for loading.

With the new, expanded design concept, the storage boxes are significantly narrower and, depending on the layout, the rear loading area is up to 40 % bigger. Even bicycles can fit in the VANTourer diagonally.


Fresh water tank under the vehicle

Yes, correct: the fresh water tank is now situated under the vehicle Not only does this save space, it also gives the already very manoeuvrable VANTourer an extra helping of stability when driving.

Construction of the water tank

The 105litre fresh water tank is protected from the environment by a special coating and can be heated for journeys during cold weather..

Beveled water tank

In addition, the fresh water tank is bevelled at the back so that it won’t touch the ground when manoeuvring on slopes. A storage saver that does not impair your driving at all!

Heating, which creates storage space


A real space saver and foot warmer – in addition to the larger storage space, the TRUMA central heating system offers another advantage – independence.

No need to worry about getting your hands on a new gas cylinder, no installing unwieldy 11 kg giants. Drive with the knowledge that you can top up your TRUMA diesel heating at any filling station. Warm air vents in the living, sleeping and rear areas deliver the heat to exactly where it is needed.

Smart rear storage concept


Get one over on both the weather and the thieves and easily store up to two bikes in the vehicle, depending on the floor plan. Even in everyday life, the new large rear storage space offers plenty of room for bulky everyday objects – truly a genuine all-rounder.

VANTourer experts know it: the annoying fastening of bikes, dust swirling, bicycle thieves during the night – in many cases a bike rack is unfortunately not exactly brilliant. With the VANTourer all those problems vanish into thin air.

Even more options


Those familiar with VANTourers will have noticed: The construction of the floor plans with single beds has been improved. Not only can you sleep comfortably in the 600 L and 630 L, you can easily reconfigure.

Only one handgrip is needed to fold one of the bed sections upward – leaving space for a bike at the rear.

Lounge function


What do drivers of vans value the most? Right, absolute flexibility. Found a beautiful spot? Nice, just stay overnight.

Due to the adjustable bed in the models 600 L and 630 L, you can comfortably enjoy the view – no matter where you are. Just raise the foot of the bed and experience the comfort of your own couch together with the view that you have chosen. Making it more comfortable and flexible is hardly possible.


VANTourer with best insulation


Enjoy optimal temperatures when on the road: Cold bridge-free insulation guarantees superior climate control wherever you are. The particular strengths of the breathable, fabric-covered side panels and the materials used in the ceiling and the floor area lie in their impressive insulation and water absorption properties. Everything remains dry – in contrast to many competing vehicles, in which the side panels are made of plastic. This is why the VANTourer models are considered to be among the best-insulated vans in the industry.

Well tempered on tour

  • Unlike many competing models, the cabinets in the VANTourer are fully back-ventilated thanks to the sophisticated design. As a result, no condensation can form and clothes inside the wardrobes do not get damp, even in extreme outside temperatures. 



    1. No penetration of unwanted odours
    2. No penetration of condensation
    3. No mould formation

VANTourer - floor plan room air


Due to the additional air vent behind the driver’s seat, the cab is optimally heated, not just while driving. *Illustrations represent the basic principle of operation, and may vary depending on the model.